3 Reasons Why You Should Believe in a One World Government.

Let’s say for example, since the beginning of time, everyone in the whole world, everyone who was ever been born, everyone living now and everyone who will ever be born, upon their birth has an immediate debt and owes the One World Government taxes.   History shows that people of old paid these taxes regularly.  There were strict rules on how the taxes were paid and these rules were taught to everyone. 

Then came a new One World Leader who steps up and says, I’m willing to die to settle the whole world’s debt, once and for all.  Make it a horrible death so it’s worthy of the debt of the everyone.  But let me die one time so everyone can be declared innocent.  Everyone who lives now or will ever be born will be innocent.  And so it happens! The debt it paid for everyone from the date of his death forward.  But now everyone born will have to choose whether to believe the story of his death that paid their debt, to receive the free gift.  If they don’t believe, they have to pay their own debt.

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People share the story, those who saw it first hand.  He’s the hero and news spreads fast and people are so happy to be free. For generations they tell the story of his gift and how they didn’t have to do anything to receive it.  They tell their children and grandchildren about it so they believe it too.  That they no longer have to pay the debt because of Mr. One World Leader from so long ago.  Would you tell your family?  Would you pass the news to your children and grandchildren?  Would you teach them to tell their children and grandchildren?  Would you try to keep the spirt of Mr. One World Leader alive in your heart and share the story with many others, not only your family?  The kindness, the selflessness.  The sacrificial love?  Would you yourself even be able to accept the story and that it was just that easy to have your debt paid?  All you had to do was believe.

Now thousands of years have passed. Most people alive today don’t believe the story anymore about the taxes already paid.  It happened so long ago and they don’t have first hand knowledge.  Most of them haven’t even heard the story!  No one has every told them.  They don’t even give it any thought.  Maybe they’ve heard the name of the One World Leader and think that people who still believe that story are lunatics.  Un oh.  Those people who don’t believe it’s true, have to start paying their taxes again.  Non- believers are declared guilty.  Only the people choosing to believe, from the history passed down to them, don’t have to pay taxes.  And even if believers break other laws, they are forgiven of those too! 

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Would YOU believe??  Would you TRY to believe?  Even if you had doubt, would you look into the history books?  Would you do some research to prove it to yourself that it really happened, so you COULD believe?  You would WANT to believe right?  Would you say deep down in your heart, “Help me believe”.   For that freedom?

1.  That One World Government is God. However you see God – creator of the complex universe of heaven and earth, commander of the sun moon stars.  The creator of man and the miracle of how our bodies work.   No matter how you see God,  every culture believes in a creator.   Native American Indians called Him the Great Spirit.  New Age people now refer to God as Universe.  The universe doesn’t do anything its own.  God created the universe.  HE is in control. 

I can’t see God, don’t know how to see God.  Maybe he IS a great spirit and embodies himself in his creation.  I certainly see majesty in a beautiful sunset.  I marvel at how the ocean knows where to stop at the shore.  Because we are human, The only way we can really relate is through other human body.  So God took care of that.  God embodied a human form so we could understand him better.  A man named Jesus. 

2.  That One World Leader who paid the debt for everyone is Jesus. Jesus was a real person.  He really lived.  The historical facts are there.  Don’t believe it?  Then why would you believe Caesar lived?  Did you meet him?  Why do you believe Alexander the Great lived?  Confucius, the Chinese philosopher?  Aristotle, the Greek philospher?  Buddha, a spiritual teacher?  Muhammed, a prophet of Islam?

Do you believe the story of Caesar’s death?  His stabbing and His famous last words “Et Tu Bruto”.  Upon realizing the betrayal of his friend Brutus.  Eyewitnesses passed on these facts and they were written into history.

And also with Jesus.  History records His death by crucifixion on the cross.  And also, the fact that after 3 days in the tomb, Jesus was seen alive by more than 500 people, on twelve (12) separate occasions.  He rose from the dead and was alive for more than 40 days.  Witnesses then saw him rise and ascend into the heavens.  It is historical fact.  You just have to decide whether or not you believe it.

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Jesus died ONCE for everyones debt.   Your debt is already forgiven.  You have to accept the gift.  Believe it.   It’s about believing that Jesus lived, was truly God in human form, that he died on purpose to pay the whole world’s debt.  That includes everyone who will ever be born after his death.  We just have to believe this.  Believing it takes away your debt.  I choose to believe! 

Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 11.42.17 AM

3.   His Spirit is alive in us. The Holy Spirit takes up permanent residence in the hearts of believers .  We want to be guided by His love and His kindness.  The thankfulness we have for the free gift He gave us all makes us want to be better people.  Jesus said He would send the Spirit to us to be our Helper, Comforter, and Guide.  The Spirit is our counselor and  encourager.  We have the very Spirit of God inside as our strength.  Who couldn’t use a little power in their lives?

And it’s all FREE.  The debt payment and the power of the Creator of the universe living inside you.  There is NOTHING you can do to get it.  Nothing you can do to earn it.

Your only choice is CAN you and WILL you, BELIEVE?




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